4 New Things In BlackBerry 10.3.1 Which May Bring Me Back To Z10

So BlackBerry has rolled out the latest BlackBerry 10.3.1 OS to all of its existing BB 10 devices. Few months ago, I wrote a blog post on why I left my BlackBerry Z10. I did because of three reasons: Buggy Operating System, Lack of Apps and Slow Android Runtime. But it looks like BlackBerry has worked out on my points and has improved a lot in latest 10.3.1 J Let me explain you how I am impressed with this latest version of BlackBerry OS:
1. Plenty of bugs squashed out: I can say that BB OS 10.2.1 was full of bugs and BlackBerry has fixed plenty of them in BB OS 10.3.1. There’s no annoying BBM bug, no Phone app bug etc. This makes the OS a breeze to use.
2. Much better Android Runtime: The initial impressions of the new and updated Android Runtime in 10.3.1 are quite good. It’s fast, less buggy and more fluid. Overall, BlackBerry has impressed me at this point too. Now Android Apps seem as Native BlackBerry apps if we judge by speed.
3. Modern and clean UI: Although the old design of BB OS wasn’t bad but it looked out-dated in the shade of iOS 8 and Android Lollipop. BlackBerry has completely polished the design and it is now more streamlined. It’s flat, beautiful and according to modern design language. You’ll just love it!

4. Large amount of new features and services: BlackBerry hasn’t just redesigned the OS but has done plenty much more. The OS has got a number of new features like Battery Saving Mode, BlackBerry Assistant, Custom Profiles, Amazon Appstore etc. BlackBerry has also launched a couple of new services for BBM and even a software named BlackBerry Blend to control BB device from Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Isn’t it great?

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