8 Apps Closing Behaviour Customizer

Most of you already know that Modern UI apps in Windows 8/8.1 can be closed by dragging from the top to the bottom. Just drag an app to the bottom and hold for 2 seconds. When the app is closed, you will see a flipping animation. But have you ever thought why hold for 2 seconds? Or why drag the app to a long distance towards bottom? This is done so that the modern apps can be closed on touch devices by ease. This makes a problem for desktop users with non-touch displays. They have to drag the app from top to bottom using cursor and even hold there for 2 seconds which makes the whole process cumbersome.

So what is the solution? 8 Apps Closing Behaviour Customizer is a tiny and portable application which helps you to decrease this distance and even decrease the time interval from 2 seconds. This application has a very clean and Modern UI.

How To Use:

Just download the app from link given below and run it. Once run successfully, move the slider for “Closing Time” to the desired value to set the timing to close the app once dragged to the bottom. Move the slider for “Height to drag” to customize till how much height (in percent), you have to drag the app to take it to the bottom. Once all values are set, click Apply. It will restart your explorer and you will get a success message.


  1. Customize closing time of Modern apps
  2. Customize the height till which you have to drag the application to bottom
  3. Very small in size and portable application
  4. Very easy-to-use and helpful UI
  5. Options for Restore Defaults and Set Best Settings

(Drag and hold method)

If you are unsure about any setting, you can use “Set Best Settings” option.
If you’re facing some bugs or have some suggestion, please post in the comments below. We will be responding very soon 🙂
Thanks to Lavish Thakkar for testing!

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