Aero Media Player – An alternative to WMP

Do you like Windows Aero? I think most probably your answer is in “Yes”.
Aero Media Player” is a free Media Player for Windows with Aero. It comes with full transparency. This portable application has been created by our friend “sukumaar-neo” on deviantart.

Features List :-

  • Full Aero Support with full transparency
  • Taskbar Buttons for stop , pause ,play and volume mute or mute off
  • Perfect Outer Glow of pause and play button just like Windows Media Player 12
  • Small size Application with compare to Windows Media Player
  • It also shows preview of Album Art /Album Cover of song in taskbar thumbnail
  • Shows status of current media player in taskbar


Please note that Aero Media Player is currently in beta stage and you may face bugs and crashes.

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