Better Explorer Brings Ribbon UI To Your Windows Explorer

UPDATE: Better Explorer Beta 3 has been released

Better Explorer is an alternative to the Windows Explorer (for Windows 7) which comes with ribbon similar to Windows 8’s Windows Explorer. Ribbon UI is a set of programs with tabs. It has all the functionality of a basic Windows Explorer.
This is a replacement of standard windows explorer with more features for more convenient work. 


 What’s New In Better Explorer Beta 3:

  • Added custom Windows 8 style dialogs for copying, moving, and deleting
  • Massive speed improvements
  • Runs in background now by default (will start up much faster)
  • Increased font size on Ribbon
  • Changed explorer/file viewer
  • Other minor UI adjustments
  • Added support for automatic language change (currently broken)
  • Fixed bugs related to Saved Tabs feature
  • Added new translations and updates existing ones
  • Added Recycle Bin tools for managing Recycle Bin
  • Added an option for keeping BetterExplorer open when you close the last tab
  • Added Console pane for using command-line tools (experimental feature)
  • Other bug fixes
You can also minimize the ribbon by pressing “^” button.

Download Now (3.9 MB)

^^BTW, its a better alternative to Windows Explorer. We recommend you to try it. 

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