Beware Of “Paste This Code In Console Window” Facebook Scam

Facebook users in India are now being tricked into a Scam which promises to hack another facebook account just by putting a code in your browser’s console window. Actually this code doesn’t hack another Facebook account but does spam activities from within your account. It seems that the desired facebook account is being hacked. But in reality, it is not. On the other side, this code gives some undesired likes to some pages and spam comments on some posts. Here’s an example:

These scams claim that you will get a message with password of hacked account within half an hour or some specified time interval. But you really doesn’t. The console window is used to inspect and modify elements of webpage and is made for developers. Hackers are using this feature for various scams.

“Your account is also used to tag the names of all your friends in the comment section of the original post. This is done to help the scam spread further, playing off the curiosity of your friends, who may visit the post to find out more and hopefully follow the instructions as well,” explains Narang.

“The code usually posts the same scam on other people’s walls, and subscribes the user to pages controlled by the attacker – but it could do much worse things. To avoid this, the console is now gently disabled in some browsers.” said Facebook

If you have fallen into this type of scam, go to Activity Log and check what pages are given likes from your account. Unlike them and also check if spam comments are made. Also delete them. So we request our readers to beware of these types of scams. Most of the ways described on internet to hack Facebook account are either fake or scam. 
What do you think about these types of scams? Did you fall into such scam in past? You may share your experience in comments.

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