Customize Windows 7 and Windows 8 Taskbar Using Ultimate Taskbar Controller 4.0

We are happy to release Ultimate Taskbar Controller 4.0. It’s a huge update. This update contains bug fixes, new features and improvements. The tool is ultra lightweight and is portable. So you can carry it into your PenDrive. Then main window has been improved. Aero Glass has been removed to avoid ugly look on few PCs.
  • The New Windows 8 Support
  • Automatically restart explorer when required
  • Deleted buggy features
  • Improved Integration and Startup Features
  • Added ‘Customize Taskbar Thumbnail Preview’
  • Added note which will help you to keep in mind a fix (In red words)
  • Small Size (30 KB)
  • Faster than ever
  • Main Interface is now clear and easy to use
  • Few bugs are fixed
  • Please note that we didn’t change the tray options. If you wanna use old options, you can use from there.
You can download Ultimate Taskbar Controller 4.0 using this link:
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