Download Chrome App Launcher For Windows

 Google has just bring its Chrome OS’s Chrome App Launcher to the pWindows platform. For those who are unknown to this app launcher, Chrome App Launcher provides a quick way to access Web-based Google apps such as web store, gmail, google+ etc. In short, it is a shortcut page but is a great time saver. Google ported this app launcher to Windows 7 and Windows 8 from Chrome OS. It is being said by Google that it is working to port App Launcher to Mac OSX too. 
To use it, simply go here. Then click on ‘Get the launcher‘. This will immediately create a shortcut of launcher on taskbar. Clicking this will open a small box as shown below which contains links to Google Services.

Installation process is so quick that it takes atmost 3-4 seconds. So you should give it a try. In short, its a way of promotion of Google Services. You can download Chrome app launcher from link given below (as well as above):

Download Chrome App Launcher

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