Download FixWin 2.2 To Fix 50 Common Errors And Annoyances Of Windows 8/8.1

UPDATE: FixWin has been updated to version 2.2 and comes with new scanning feature as well as description box for each and every fix.

Many times you might have seen some errors on your Windows 8/8.1. In fact there are a lot of bugs and errors faced by Windows 8/8.1 users. To rectify the problem, FixWin 2.0 is here to help. FixWin v2 is a new tool developed by me (Paras Sidhu) for The Windows Club which helps you to fix 50 common errors and annoyances. It includes fixes for different kind of Windows Store errors and problems. Some other issues related to Modern UI are also included. You can disable various System Tools. Whether it is an issue of File Explorer, Internet or of Aero Snap, FixWin is here for you to help!

How To Use:

1. Download and run FixWin v2 as administrator. Run “System File Checker Utility” to fix corrupted system files, if any.

2. If above step doesn’t fix your problem, you need to go ahead to try fixes. Before applying any fix, we recommend you to create a restore point. You can create it from the app’s main page.

3. Now apply the fix you wanted. Restart your PC and see the changes!

Links To Follow:

1. To see the list of fixes, click here.

2. To see the screenshots of the program, click here.

3. To download a documentation which shows the actions performed by each fix, click here. It’s a 17 page PDF which is helpful to troubleshoot the issue manually.

Download Page

It has been tested on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 x86 and x64 both type of systems. To provide feedback, please visit TWC Forums.

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