Download Visual Studio 2012 Update 3 CTP1

Microsoft has released a third update to Visual Studio 2012. It contains bug fixes, improvements etc reported since the release. It is currently available under CTP (Communication Technology Preview) which means that a final release of this update is near.

What’s New?

This update solves a lot of bugs. A list is given below:

  • Build settings can be preserved when you upgrade a TFS 2012 instance.
  • Improvements in the New Build Definition UI for the Continuous Integration (CI) build in Git-based team projects.
  • [Solved] When you click a build error or build warning in a BizTalk project, the IDE cannot locate the artifact that causes the build error or build warning.
  • [Solved] [C++] When you call the EndDialog function from inside the OnInitDialog function in an MFC application, theOnInitDialog function is invoked again.
Fixes in Team Foundation Server:
  • The Application-Tier Only wizard does not preserve the Kerberos authentication type setting when you upgrade to a TFS 2012 instance that includes multiple application tiers.
  • The Reporting tab displays an incorrect reporting services instance name in the TFS 2012 upgrade wizard.
  • Incorrect Microsoft SharePoint URLs are displayed in the TFS 2012 upgrade wizard.
  • The TFS 2012 upgrade wizard displays an incorrect reporting services instance name and incorrect reporting URL information when you reconfigure an application-tier server if the reporting URL information was changed.
  • The TFS 2012 upgrade operation fails under the full recovery model when instances use the database mirroring feature.
  • Assume that you configure a TFS 2012 instance with an instance of SQL Server that enables the AlwaysOn feature. You schedule a differential backup or a transaction log backup, or both. In this situation, all backup jobs perform a full backup.
  • The event log does not include stack traces when the administrator console crashes.
  • Assume that you create a team project by using a custom process template that includes two states that are mapped to the same state type. You create a user story for each state, and then you view the Kanban board in Product Backlog. In this situation, an error occurs. After you install the update, a validation message is displayed, and it indicates that the configuration is not valid.
  • When you install TFS 2012 by using a non-English language package in the web installer, you notice un-localized (English) strings in the administrator console and in the Team Project Collections dialog box.
  • You cannot create a new work item from an iteration backlog when there are multiple work item types in the task category.
  • An error message incorrectly displays the MSSQL Server account instead of the Job Agent account when you configure scheduled backups.
  • The review page displays the default port number instead of the configured port number when you configure Team Build without a saved settings file.
  • You cannot configure TFS proxy on a computer that belongs to a separate domain from a TFS 2012 server.
For complete list of changes, click here.

Download links are given below. Click on the link which suits your product:
VS2012.3 CTP.exe (1.3 MB)

VS2012.3 CTP TFS Express ENU.iso (483 MB)

VS2012.3 CTP TFS Server ENU.iso (1.1 GB)

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