Download Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 RC1

After releasing three updates to the latest Visual Studio 2012, Microsoft is preparing the fourth update to fix some issues and make improvements. Microsoft has released the first Release Candidate of it which means final release of fourth update can come anytime soon. These continuous updates are making Visual Studio 2012 much better. But what’s new in Update 4 RC1?

What’s New?

This update mainly fixes some issues related with Team Foundation Server and Lightswitch. Here is a list of changes and fixes in Team Foundation Server:

Administration and Operations:

  • Assume that you install a Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2012 application-tier server on a computer that has no instance of Microsoft SQL Server installed. You do not configure Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. In this situation, you cannot upgrade the application-tier server.
  • Scheduled Backups configuration is no longer blocked if the SQL Server service for TFS 2012 is running as a virtual account (for example: NT ServiceMSSQLSERVER).
  • In TFS 2012 Update 2 and Update 3, transactional backups record a failure when they try to run while a full or differential backup is running.
  • Scheduled Backups no longer run transactional backups if a full or differential backup is running. Instead, the job will be suspended until the other backup has finished running.
Build Automation
  • Assume that you create a gated check-in for a build definition by using an upgrade template in a TFS 2010 server. You upgrade the TFS 2010 server to TFS 2012 server, and then you use the upgraded TFS server together with the TFS 2010 build agents. In this case, the build fails on the TFS 2010 build agents when you perform a check-in action.
  • Assume that you create a build definition by using the default template in a TFS 2010 server. When you upgrade the server from TFS 2010 to TFS 2012, the build definition is modified to run against a newly uploaded upgrade template.
Version Control
An error message is received when a user opens any view that tries to filter history by the display name of the user. This issue occurs if the display name contains a special character, such as a comma.
Work Item Tracking
There is a 60-second delay when you use Internet Explorer to browse any page in which a work item store is used. This issue occurs if the collection contains more than 175 team projects.
Web Access
When you try to connect to a TFS 2012 server by using a web browser together with an unexpected user agent string, you receive an internal error page instead of the requested page. Additionally, you cannot access any TFS web access pages.


You can download Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 RC1 using following link:

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