[E-Book] Ultimate Guide to Android Software Development Kit (SDK)

Hello Everyone, As you know that we love to share Tools, books, Softwares, etc on The Windows Explorer. We have shared many E-Books like Windows XPVista ,C++Ethical Hacking etc. Now, We are sharing an Ultimate Guide to Android Software Development Kite aka SDK on DownloadInformer to spread the knowledge. It will cover the following topics:
1 Android Overview
2 Android as a Development Platform
3 User Interface
4 Accessing Location-Based Services
5 Background Services
6 Alerting Users via Notifications
7 Telephony and SMS
8 Wi-Fi
About Android
Android SDKAndroid is a software stack for portable devices such as mobiles and tablets. The Android operating system is based on a modified Linux kernel. The Android developer community extends the functionality of the devices beyond the stock applications, and there already are over a hundred thousand Android apps in the Android Market (Google’s online Android App store).
Coding for these applications is mainly done in Java using Google-developed Java libraries. The Android platform is coded in C for its core, C++ for thirdparty libraries and Java for the user interface. Most of the code is under the Apache license, as free and open source software. The latest stable release of Android is the Honeycomb (Android 3.0.1) for tablets and Gingerbread Android’s open source stack runs on a Java-based, object-oriented(Android 2.3.3) for mobiles. It supports ARM, MIPS, Power and x86 platforms.
It operates over Java core libraries running on the Dalvik virtual machine (VM). Prior to execution, Android applications are converted into Dalvik executables (DEX) format, rendering them suitable for portable devices with memory and processing speed constraints; as it is a register based architecture, unlike the stack machines of Java VMs. The database management system used is SQLite. Android uses Open Graphics Library for Embedded Systems (OpenGL ES) 2.0 3D graphics application programming interface (API).
You can Download the PDF from the following link:

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