EaseUS Todo Backup Home Review

Backup is an essential practice for PC users which allows to easily recover the whole system or some files which get corrupted. There are some great tools available for Windows which makes the backup and recovery process easy.
EaseUS Todo Backup Home is a great tool to start with. Today we are going to review it. Using this tool, we can backup almost everything including personal data, whole system, mail, partitions etc. The backup can be saved locally on the hard disk or even to cloud services like Google Drive. As soon as you start it, you get various options: Disk/Partition Backup, File Backup, System Backup, Smart Backup and Mail Backup.

1. Disk/Partition Backup: This backup option allow users to backup individual partitions. Once you click this option, a new window appears. Select the partition you want to backup. Then choose the destination where you want to save the backup. Give a backup name and description which will be useful in future to determine anything specific about the backup, if any. You can also schedule the backup. It can be One-time backup, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or upon any event. After all information is given, just click “Proceed” and let the backup happen. The backup time depends upon the number and size of files in partition you selected as well as your computer specifications.
2. File Backup: When you want to backup individual files, this option comes in handy. Click this option and select the files you want to backup. Other options are similar like backup name, description and schedule. Scheduling is also a good practice. For example, you may want to backup you project files on a regular basis. Backup Options provide some good options like Compression level, password etc.

3. System Backup: This option will backup the whole C drive so in future if the system gets corrupted, you can restore it to a previous backup. This is an important feature considering you are a geek or change system files regularly. Image-Reserve Strategy is a good feature to consider. If you are low on space, use this option. It will help you decide how to handle old system backups. It allows to limit the number of days to keep a backup or you may want to keep last 3 backups only or old images should be merged so as to save space. You can choose any of these three options.
4. Smart Backup: This feature also backup individual files but the special thing about this is that it monitors the selected files for changes and perform automatic backup after recovery is initiated. It keeps old files for as long as two weeks.
5. Mail Backup: It allows you to backup the e-mails from installed clients like Outlook.

Todo Backup can also clone the HDD/SDD which is especially useful if you’re upgrading from hard disk to SSD. Other features include checking if existing image is corrupted or not, create emergency disk, wipe data etc.
Todo Backup comes in three editions: Free, Home and Workstation. Free edition provides less features and less speed compared to other editions. Home edition costs $29 while Workstation edition costs $39. You can download and compare the three editions of Todo Backup using following link:

Download And Compare Editions Of Todo Backup

This is a promotional review.

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