Easypad 3.0 Beta 2 : A Notepad with Ribbon UI

Few weeks ago, I posted Easypad 3.0 beta 1 that contains some errors and can’t be run. But a modified beta “Beta 2” is now available for download. No feature or any other thing is added or modified. For those who are unknown to it, It is a notepad with special UI called “Ribbon” which can be seen in Microsoft office 2010 & 2007

Special Features :

  1. Spell Check – It automatically check the spellings from the documents. Spelling errors will be underlined with red color. You can get a suggestion by right clicking on it.
  2. Change Ribbon Direction and Text Direction – It change the direction of Ribbon Items.
  3. Drop-Down list to Choose Font – All System fonts are allowed. You can choose by clicking list and then the font which you like.
  4. More Text Colors and Ribbon Themes
  5. Customizable Selection Color
  6. Taskbar improvements

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