Easypad LAP with Ribbon UI

Welcome everybody !! As you know that I promised to you of Easypad LAP. Today is 28 Feb and the release date of Easypad LAP. I was tell you in the Post of Beta that it will contains Office like Ribbon. I hope you would like it. Please try it. I hope that you also liked Deskpad and Easypad(Without Ribbon). I was Released Easypad Beta X(With Ribbon) on downloadinformer. Now the waiting time is over. Easypad LAP is released.
Features :
  •       Ribbon UI – It is the latest Interface.
  •        Ribbon Menu – It is a menu with the ribbon
  •         Ribbon Grouping – Items are in the groups called Ribbon Groups
  •         5 tabs – For different categories 5 tabs are made
  •         Themes – In customization, for a good look 6 themes are available.
  •          Fonts – Different types of text
  •          Text Colors – Used for text
  •          Security – To make Document Secure
·        Open, Save Support :
  •      ASP                                                                                                                                                
  •          PHP
  •          Java
  •          Javascript
  •          VB
  •          HTML
  •          Text
  •          RTF
  •          C#
  •          C/C++
  •          CS
  •          XML, XAML
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