Explaining Google Chrome’s New Features

Compact Navigation Feature:

Compact Navigation feature brings minimal UI to Google Chrome.

How to Enable Compact Navigation Feature:

1. Open Google Chrome
2. Enter "about:flags" in the site text bar
3. Click "Enable" in the compact navigation box as shown following:

4. It adds "Hide the toolbar" option in the context menu of tabs. Right click on any tab and click "Hide the toolbar" to enable this feature.

5. You will see the new look of your Google Chrome

Print Preview feature:

Print Preview is an another cool feature of Google Chrome by which you can print sites very smoothly.

How to use Google Chrome’s new Print Preview feature:

1. Open a site which you want to print
2. Press "Ctrl + P"
3. You will see something like this:

4. Click "Print" to done!

It supports :

  • How to Print (Destination e.g. MS XPS Document)
  • Pages to print
  • Number of Copies to print
  • Layout
  • Color
and some advanced settings.

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