Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Problems With Special Troubleshooter

The newly introduced Windows 10 Start Menu features a new interface with live tiles on it. At first look, it looks great and brings plenty of new features. But over time it may face serious problems due to various factors. Many users have reported since that they face issues like Start Menu not opening, Cortana and Start Menu have stopped working etc. It’s less reliable when compared to Windows 7’s start menu. But now Microsoft has officially released a troubleshooter to fix such problems. This troubleshooter can fix problems like:

1. Required applications aren’t installed correctly.
2. Permission problems in the registry.
3. Tile database corruption.
4. Application manifest corruption.

First of all, download Start Menu troubleshooter from Microsoft. The file name is startmenu.diagcab. Just start it and click next. It will then start detecting issues and once it finishes, the results will be shown. A device restart is recommended after fixing issues.

Have you ever run into issues with start menu? Did it work for you?

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