Fix: “Windows Update Downloading Stucks At 0%”

Today we are going to share a fix for the problem in which Windows Update stucks at 0% and doesn’t proceed. The bar just move but nothing happens. This is annoying and may prevent you from installing Windows 8.1 Update 1. So I searched for it on Google and fortunately got the solution after some research. Actually this problem can be solved by clearing the log file of Windows Update. Log file contains all the history of Windows Updates. For the log file to be cleared, the Windows Update service must be stopped. Here’s the procedure:

1. Open Run using Win+R key combination and type services.msc to view the Services.

2. Find “Windows Update” here and double click on it to view its properties. Click on Stop to stop this service.

3. Now move to C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution and delete all files and folders present in it.

4. That’s it! Now reboot your PC and run Windows Update. It should work fine now.

Thanks to Flavius @SevenForums for this tip

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