Get Best Windows 10 Tweaks Using Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4

Windows 10 is available from around a month now and millions of users are running it. Windows 10 brings many customization options for every aspect of Windows. You can customize Start by changing its elements as well as its colors. You can customize Search and Task View. Complete customization options are available in Settings app. However, there are still plenty of hidden registry and group policy tweaks which most people don’t know.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a free software which is available since the time of Windows 7. It’s a free utility with hundreds of options or tweaks to customize every part of Windows. When Windows 8 was released, we got to see the release of Ultimate Windows Tweaker 3. But now after a couple of weeks of release of Windows 10, The Windows Club has released Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 which brings a lot more tweaks than previous version and total no. of tweaks have exceeded 200.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 is a free and portable utility hence doesn’t require to be installed. This update comes with a new interface designed with command link buttons. Size of the tweaker is just 559 KB so it is easy to carry in removable drives.

Note: Before using any such tweaking tool, we recommend you to create a restore point so that if anything goes wrong, you can restore back safely. UWT 4 automatically creates a restore point at startup.

What’s new:

1. Seeing the concerns being raised about privacy issues, several tweaks have been added under a new Privacy section.
2. Many new tweaks in Context Menu for Store Apps to support Windows 10.
3. The empty.ico file is not required now for “Remove Shortcut Arrows From Icons” to function properly
4. It calculates Windows Experience Index from the main page. Click on Run assessment to recalculate the WEI.
5. You can Run DISM command to fix corrupted system image
6. You can now pin Drives to Desktop Context Menu
7. Many new tweaks to customize Windows 10
8. Newly designed interface with command link buttons
9. Hover over a tweak, and get the description at the bottom of the tweaker.

Lots of Windows 10-specific tweaks
New privacy section in UWT 4

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