Google Chrome Updated To Show Google.Com As Homepage

Several users around the world are getting an update for Google Chrome which is changing their homepage style. After getting this update, homepage of a tab will be changed to Google.Com like appering page. This is not a major update like from version x to version y but instead brings some UI changes. Here is a list of changes through this update:

  • Changed homepage look to Google.Com like visually appearing page
  • There is a giant Google logo in the middle of the page, below which there is a search bar and below that there are the most visited sites
  • Bookmarks bar is redesigned to give a flat look
  • There is an Apps button on the left-most side of the bookmarks bar which gives easy access to the installed Google Chrome apps
  • Now you can see the recently close tabs from the menu bar

After updating (Google Chrome automatically downloads this update) your Google Chrome, you will see something like this in right hand side. If you still haven’t received this update, you can manually check for updates in About page or can download manually the version from here.

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