How To Add Useful Items To This PC In Windows 8.1 Without Using Registry?

Everyone using Windows 8.1 should know about “This PC“. My Computer has been renamed to This PC in Windows 8.1 by Microsoft for unknown reason. So let’s get to the point. This PC, by default, shows the six main folders like Desktop, Documents etc. along with all the drives present. But do you know you can customize This PC to show even more items or options without digging into the registry.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 3.1 will do the job for you. Just download it by clicking here and extract the zip file then run the executable file present there. Once run just navigate to Customizations -> This PC. Here you will find the new options you can add to This PC like OneDrive, Power Options, Modern Search, Control Panel etc. and much more as shown here:

Just check the desired options and click Apply. The great thing is this that you don’t have to reboot your device or restart explorer. The changes will appear immediately as you click Apply.

The tweaker’s size is just under 200 KB which is great knowing that it offers 200+ tweaks. But before applying any tweaks, we recommend you to create a restore point so that if something goes wrong, you can roll back easily. Even the tweaker itself offer the option to create restore point.

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