How To Boot From A DVD, USB Or Other Device In Windows 8?

One of my friend has bought a new laptop which comes with Windows 8. One day, he was trying to install Windows 7 in it but he couldn’t find a way to boot the Windows 7 DVD. He asked me for help. This article shows you how to boot from a DVD, USB or any other device in Windows 8. Microsoft has built a special menu for it. Follow the steps:
1. Open the Charms Bar -> Settings -> Change PC Settings -> General -> Restart Now.
2. This option helps in booting from a DVD or USB and helps in various other functions. Then a screen will come as shown:
3. Click Use a Device.
4. A bunch of options will come to boot from. Select the preferred option and Windows will start booting.
That’s it! Isn’t it easy? 

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