How To Clear “Recent” List Shown In Modern PC Settings In Windows 8.1?

Windows 8.1 contains a whole bunch of new features and improvements. PC Settings is one such area in which there are very much improvements when compared to Windows 8’s PC Settings. Now Modern PC Settings shows up a list of recently used settings like bluetooth, display settings etc. But it may be annoying to see when the list increases to a great extent like this:

Although the feature is useful if someone is in hurry. He can quickly get access to which he accessed recently. But what if you don’t want this feature? Here’s a simple registry tweak which will let you delete this entire list. Follow these steps:

1. Open Registry Editor by typing regedit in search box and pressing enter.

2. Navigate to the following address:


3. Now delete this key Usage and you’re done! The recent list will get emptied.

Windows stores recent list’s items in this Usage key as you can see with the values in the right hand side.

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