How To Get Rid Of “You have files waiting to be burned to the disc” Message?

If you are getting a message “You have files waiting to be burned to the disc“, this tutorial help you to get rid of it. This can be very annoying at some time. For example, you are working in your office and insert a DVD for some important work. You are shown the below shown message. This would be very annoying.

The simplest method to get rid of it is:
1. Open “My Computer” in Windows XP/Vista/7 or “This PC” in Windows 8/8.1
2. Right-click the DVD drive and click “Delete Temporary Files
3. That’s it!
If this method doesn’t work for you, you can try below given steps:
1. Open Run using Win+R key combination
2. Run the following command:


3. Delete the “Temporary Burn Folder” and you’re done!

Hope it will help you. In case you’re still getting that message, it might have been caused due to some virus. Consider scanning your PC with some good online virus scanner.

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