How To Hide/Show Minimize Button From Title Bar Of Windows Store Apps?

As you might know, Microsoft has introduced title bar for Windows Store Apps in the recently released Windows 8.1 Update 1. So the Modern apps downloaded from Windows Store now have a title bar just like File Explorer. But they have only two buttons i.e minimize and close. There’s no maximize button as they are already maximized.

Along with this, Modern apps can also be pinned on Taskbar.

By default, there’s a minimize button on the titlebar. If you, for some reason, want to hide that minimize button, you can do so easily by following method:
1. Right click on taskbar and click Properties.
2. A new window will popup. Uncheck “Show Windows Store apps on the taskbar“.
3. That’s it! Now the minimize button will become invisible.
The work of minimize button is to make Modern apps visible on the taskbar. If you uncheck the above option, there’s no need of minimize button as you are wanting not to show Modern apps on taskbar. Hence, minimize button becomes invisible.

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