How To Pin Sub-Settings To Start Menu In Windows 10?

There are lots of good features and improvements which make Windows 10 a must-have. If you have already upgraded to Windows 10, you might want to read this tip as it would help you reach out Settings quickly. We know that Microsoft has redesigned its ‘PC Settings’ app in Windows 10 and named it simply ‘Settings’. It has been broadly categorised in ‘System’, ‘Personalization’, ‘Accounts’ and in more as you can see. But what If you want to open the sub-settings directly? No need to worry.
Microsoft has made it even easier to access those settings. You can pin them to ‘Start’. Yes, in-between those tiles. Follow the steps:
1. Open Settings app from Start.
2. You will see several settings in big tiles form.
3. Just right-click any of them and click ’Pin To Start’.
4. That’s it! Just open the Start Menu and you will see your pinned setting at the bottom. In the screenshot below, I have made a group “Settings” and placed my favourite settings under it.
BONUS: You can even pin sub-settings of sub-settings. For example, you can pin Display settings present in ‘System’ the same way you can pin ‘System’ to Start.

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