How To Remove Intel Graphics Integration From Desktop Context Menu?

This tutorial would be most helpful for those who have low-mid range laptop with Intel Graphics and are experiencing slowdown in Desktop Context Menu. The problem with manufacturers (laptop, graphics card) is that they don’t forget adding a few annoying options wherever they can. Once you install latest graphics driver, you get Graphics Options in Desktop Context Menu which slow down the whole process of opening of menu. To get rid of those annoying and time-wasting options, we can remove them through registry.

1. Open Registry Editor using Win+R->regedit.
2. Navigate toHKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDirectoryBackgroundshellexContextMenuHandlers
3. Here you must be seeing a lot of subkeys as shown in image.
4. We just have to delete all those keys having the text “igfx”. igfx stands for Intel Graphics.

5. Once we delete all those keys, we can see that the Graphics options are no longer available in Desktop Context Menu.
Hence in this simple way, we can speed up the opening of desktop context menu and can remove clutter.

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