How To Remove “Skydrive Pro” Entry From Windows 10 Context Menu?

Some of the users who are using Microsoft Office 2013 are seeing an option (which is disabled) of “Skydrive Pro” in context menu. This option will be present almost everywhere in Windows if you selected “Skydrive Pro” option during installation. Skydrive Pro is a Microsoft service for Microsoft Sharepoint. But most of users (who have got disabled “Skydrive Pro” option, specifically) would want to remove this option. Removing it will also speed up the opening of context menu. Follow the following steps:

1. Open Registry Editor using Run (Win+R) and regedit command.

2. Navigate to following key: HKEY_Classes_RootAllFileSystemObjectsshell.

3. There’s a key named “SPFS.ContextMenu“. Just delete it by right clicking and selecting “Delete”. That’s it! You’re done. Now the annoying “Skydrive Pro” entry should be removed.

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