How To Sign In To W8 Consumer Preview Fastly

Most of you use password to protect computer. After setting the password, in the next login, you have to enter the password and press the ‘Enter’ key. If you want to save your time to login into your Windows, you can use the new feature PIN of Windows 8 Consumer Preview.  Using this feature, you will have to enter the set PIN only. You needn’t click enter. The PIN must be 4-digits. To use this feature, follow these steps:

1. Open Charm Bar by hovering mouse over the top-right corner or bottom-right corner.

2. After opening the charm bar, click ‘Settings‘ option. A sidebar will appear.
3. In the sidebar’s bottom-right side, click ‘More PC Settings‘. A Metro Control Panel will appear. Click ‘Users‘ tab.
4. Under ‘Sign-in Options‘ label, click ‘Create a PIN‘.
5. It will ask for the current password of computer (if set). Enter the password and click ‘OK‘.
6. Enter the pin and confirm it in this step. PIN should be 4 digits. Click ‘Finish‘.
7. You’re done. You can use this feature in next login.

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