How To Turn On Remote Management Of Your Norton Internet Security?

Remote Management (option available in newer versions of Norton Products) allows you to remotely manage Norton Internet Security by using Norton Management, Norton One, and Norton Studio app. You can view the security status of your device and fix some security issues. When you turn on Remote Management, Norton Internet Security publishes details such as your subscription status, current security status of your device, and other details to the Norton Management, Norton One, and Norton Studio app. You can access Norton Studio app in Windows 8, Norton Management, or Norton One and manage your device and Norton Internet Security. By default, it comes disabled in NIS.
Follow these steps to enable Remote Management in Norton Internet Security:

1. Open NIS (Norton Internet Security)

2. Open Settings and go to General tab

3. Turn on Remote Management

That’s it! Now you can use Norton One, Norton Management, Norton Studio to remotely manage your Norton products!.

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