How To Upgrade To Or Install Windows 8.1 Public Preview?

The wait is finally over! Microsoft has made available Windows 8.1 Public Preview (Beta) for the public. It is available for free and anyone can test the beta. But when it will be released in stable stage (Windows 8.1 Final), only existing Windows 8 users will get it for free. This update is available in two ways:
1. From Windows Store

Existing Windows 8 users can get the public preview directly from Windows Store. To download Windows 8.1 through Windows Store, follow the steps:

(i) Download the required update package by clicking here

(ii) Install the package and reboot the system

(iii) After reboot, you will get a message box showing that Windows 8.1 Public Preview is available for download and you can get it through Windows Store

(iv) Click the “Go To the Store” button to go to the official page to download Windows 8.1 Public Preview.

(v) Click on “Download” and it will start downloading 🙂

2. From ISO File 

If you download an ISO file for this beta product, you would be able to install it on multiple PCs and you can save the ISO file at a safe place to install in future

Download ISO Files

ISO files are available for download in various languages and in x32 and x64 versions which can be downloaded from above link.

During Installation, installer will ask you for a product key. Use the following key:


P.S: If you install Windows RT 8.1 on your touch device, you won’t be able to downgrade again to Windows 8. You would be able to upgrade to the final release of Windows RT 8.1 only.
So, install it carefully. Best of Luck 🙂

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