How To View Windows Experience Index In Windows 8.1?

Windows Experience Index is a feature present in Windows Vista, 7 and 8. It works as a benchmarking app for Windows Users as it allows us to see how good is processor or how good is the system’s hard drive working. In above mentioned OS’es, WEI can be accessed by right-clicking on My Computer and clicking Properties.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has removed this feature from Windows 8.1. This step is taken because it is a less popular feature among average Windows Users. But there’s still some way for benchmarking the system. Microsoft has removed the feature from UI but not from roots. There’s still a command to get the ratings and files to store the ratings.

WEI Tool is a freeware which take advantage of these commands and files to retrieve the genuine or original ratings from the system. It is developed by our friend @ Winaero. The user interface is simple, sleek and easy to use and even matches the UI of WEI present in older versions of Windows.

Simply download (from URL given below) and run the app as administrator. It will show the results if the system is already rated otherwise it will given an option to Run the assessment. The machine should be connected to a power source otherwise the assessment won’t run. WEI Tool comes with following features:

  • Genuine calculations of assessments and scores
  • The original Windows Experience Index look and feel
  • The screenshot of the scores can be taken easily
  • The screenshot can be uploaded to ImgUr with one click
  • The WEI table can be saved as an HTML file

WEI Tool can be downloaded from developer’s website:

Download WEI Tool

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