iOS 9, OS X 10.11 And New Macs Expected To Be Announced At WWDC 15

WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) is a very special event for Apple and its fans. In this event, Apple announces big updates to iOS and OS X and highlight what’s new for developers. This year WWDC is kicking off on June 8th as per the invite.
Last year, we saw the release of iOS 8, OS X Yosemite and Swift Programming Language. This year we have lots of expectations from Apple. From the invite, it looks Apple TV is going to be updated. It has been a long time since Apple TV was updated. The shape of invite looks like an Apple TV as well as any iOS app icon. But it’s very likely that it’s Apple TV.

iOS 9

iOS 9, next operating system for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is expected to be announced at WWDC 15. It will be a revamped and updated OS which is expected to be much more stable than iOS 8 and will fix all the bugs present in iOS 8. According to rumours, Apple’s focus is on stabilization of OS to reduce crashes, reduce battery consumption and speed up things especially on older devices like iPhone 4S, iPad 2 etc. Some features like new iCloud Drive app, improvements in Maps, new Wi-fi measure when using non trusted routers.

Mac OS X 10.11

Although we don’t its name but this new version is surely on its way. This new version is expected to polish every corner of OS. We’ll get to know about new features of OS X 10.11 soon during WWDC event.

New Macs

If history is to be believed, new Macs are being announced. It could be a new Mac Pro model which was last updated in 2013. Apple can also update 15-inch MacBook Pro model this June which wasn’t updated in March event. We can also expect update to iMacs.
In addition to it, Apple may relaunch iTunes Radio service using Beats Audio technology. There’s also hope for new displays from Apple since it was 2011 last time when Apple updated their displays.
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