Live HTML Makes HTML Coding Easier

We’re happy to release a new tool to help HTML and CSS programmers. Live HTML is a simple tool to perform HTML/CSS coding. Simply start coding in the left box and get output on the right side. As soon as you type, you get the output. That simple! No need to use the default system of coding in Notepad, saving the file and then opening the browser to see the output. Live HTML offers instant output.
Sample CSS Code:


Sample HTML Code:


 Live HTML even offers many additional options to help make coding easier.

1. Colors: In Tools section, get a list of all system colors which can be used as BGColor or simply as any color.


2. Full-screen Mode: For a complete immersive coding experience, just press F11 and start coding in full screen without any distractions.
3. Important Tags: Access some important tags in Tools section like hr, marquee etc. It’s not a long list but provides you quick access.
4. Customizable Editor Width: If you would like to get your output more area, it’s customizable and editor can be reduced to 40%, 30% of window width etc.

Live HTML supports Windows XP/7/8 and Windows 10, x86 and x64 both supported.

Download Live HTML

UPDATE: Live HTML 1.1 has been released and comes with PHP support and independence from .NET Framework requirement.

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