Logitech Announced School Room Friendly Wired Keyboard For iPad

There are various keyboards available for iPad. Logitech, taking in mind about classrooms, has today announced a wired keyboard. Logitech claims that it is the first keyboard for iPad designed especially for classrooms. Logitech has also announced that the keyboard is spill resistant and has a lifespan of five million key strokes. The keyboard aims to eliminate the complexity of pairing numerous Bluetooth keyboards with their respective iPads in a classroom setting. The design of the keyboard is in accordance with the demand of today’s classrooms.
The keyboard has also some special keys like easy access to shortcuts for Siri, copy/paste, search etc. to make the work easier for students. This wired keyboard is available in two variants: Lightning connector and 30-pin connector. Lightning connector variant is likely to launch in August and 30-pin connector variant is likely to release in October.
The keyboard will be available for $60 and there are chances of discount on multiple purchases.

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