Microsoft Ends Mainstream Support For Windows 7

One of the most popular Operating System on earth, Windows 7’s mainstream support has been ended on January 15, 2015 officially by Microsoft. Many of you may be surprised to hear the news but don’t panic. Windows 7 will still receive security updates till 2020. 5 years old Windows 7 won’t receive new features from Microsoft now. Also, you won’t get free support for it from Microsoft.

Some people are still using XP whose complete support ended in April, 2014. They should look for an upgrade, not to Windows 7 but to Windows 8.1 or the soon to be released Windows 10. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010’s mainstream support has also ended. So it will also receive only security updates from now.

Similarly, Windows 8’s mainstream support is also gonna end on January 9, 2018 and will get security updates till 2023. Microsoft is going to share some interesting details on Windows 10 on January 21 at an event. Although it has already released Technical Preview and with it comes the good old Start Menu, Modern Apps In Windowed Mode, Virtual Desktops and much more.

So which operating system are you using? Will you upgrade to Windows 10?

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