Microsoft May Buy Winamp To Save It

AOL, the company behind Winamp, announced a few days ago that Winamp will be discontinued on December 20, 2013. Winamp was a very popular media player few years ago. But when AOL purchased Winamp from Nullsoft, its popularity starts decreasing. AOL added some bloatware features in winamp. But Winamp was famous for its simplicity and its to the point features.

Now we all know that Winamp is going to be shut down on December 20, 2013. But there are some rumors from insiders that Microsoft may unexpectedly buy Winamp. Till now, it is just a rumor. We can’t say much on it. According to rumors, Microsoft is in talk with AOL to buy Winamp for a good deal.

Microsoft already has a music service in form of Xbox Music. So we can’t expect much to be done by Microsoft for Winamp. In the past, Microsoft had unfortunately closed its music service, Zune.

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