Microsoft Updated Windows Store To Make Finding Apps Easier

Windows Store was updated in Windows 8.1 which was a big refresh from Windows 8’s Store. Microsoft brought some good improvements to Windows 8.1 by providing Windows 8.1 Update 1. But this time Windows Store wasn’t updated. But now an update to Windows Store is rolling out. If you haven’t received the new look and features, be sure to turn on automatically install Windows Updates features.

Here’s a list of the changes introduced in this update:

1. Persistent Navigation Bar

Now there will always be a bar on the top which will help you in navigating through Windows Store. Here you can see Home button to go straight to the homepage. You can click Top charts to see the trending, new, top free, top paid etc apps. Categories will help you see the available categories. Collections is a new feature and is discussed in next point. Account will help you to reach to the page My apps and other pages regarding your account. Finally in the last, there’s a search box which will help you finding apps easily.

2. Collections

Collections is a cool new feature introduced in this update. A collection will help you find apps of the same type like Social Networking, Weather, Radio etc. Collections are also shown on homepage of the Store. If you’re new to Windows Store, you can use Getting Started collection to download basic apps of your need.

3. Small Tiles

In Windows 8.1, the tiles were big in size and sometimes looked quite awkward. But now their size has been reduced and using them is easier than ever.

4. Get Once and download on compatible devices

If you buy apps from Windows Store, look for this icon:

If this icon is present like in above example, it means that it’s available in Windows Phone Store too. If you buy it from Windows Store, you can download it for FREE from Windows Phone Store. This also applies to in-app purchases.

So have you received this Windows Store update? Feel free to share in comments 🙂

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