[Opinion] How To Boost Performance And Battery Life Of Smartphone?

This era is of smartphones. Almost each and every person has atleast one smartphone. Be it Android device, iOS device, BB Device or WP Device, you might feel the need of an app which boosts the performance and battery life of your device. Every OS has some apps in their respective app stores which claims to provide these boosts. I have personally tried many of them like Clean Master, Battery Booster For BB 10, Battery Doctor etc. Even you might have given a try some of these.
After using many of them, I have come to the following conclusion: Money is the only tool which can provide such boost. I’ve tried many such apps but I can clearly say that no thing except Money can provide such performance or battery boost. I have tested them on these device: Galaxy Core, Galaxy Tab 2, BlackBerry Z10. Although all these devices have good performance, still using boosting apps didn’t have any noticeable change. Even battery boosters couldn’t make a minor noticeable change.
You might have seen various advertisements like “Get most of your battery using this app”, “Clean junk of your smartphone with 1-click”, “Make your battery last twice with 1-click”. I have also seen these and have tried these tools and came back empty hands.

According to me, only money can provide such boost. You need to use money to buy a smartphone which provides satisfactory performance and battery life. There’s no app which can significantly improve the performance and battery life of your smartphone. Various smartphones from $129 to $699 provide good battery life. But its your choice of Operating System. Choose an OS and read reviews about respective phones to see how it performs and how good is battery life.
Do you think I am correct? Or is there some contradiction? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments!

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