Pulmon 2.1: Replacement For Desktop Icons

Pulmon is an attempt to replace desktop icons with some beautiful and useful tiles. There are many tiles to add on desktop including Clock, Internet Explorer etc. Pulmon is somewhat inspired from Modern UI of Windows 8. Hence, it uses modern font on most of its interface.

Updates in Pulmon 2.1:
  1. Fixed and Updated User Interface: We have updated the user interface of the Pulmon in this version for making it easy to use and all the complexity has been removed.
  2. Removed Useless Features: In this version, we have removed some useless features like get involved, media player etc.
  3. Ultra lightweight: Pulmon 2.0 was of 3.8 MB which is a huge size. In this version, through some optimization and removal of useless features, we have make it very much lightweight. The size of ZIP file of Pulmon 2.1 is 831 KB which is 80% less than previous version’s size
  4. Bundle of Bug Fixes: In this version, we have fixed a bundle of bugs. If you have used Pulmon 2.0 and will now use this version, you will find it much smooth and less buggy.
  5. Mozilla Firefox Tile: In the mozilla firefox tile, you can now specify the path of Mozilla Firefox to prevent errors which you came across in previous version.
  6. Improved Tiles: Each and every tile has been changed in some way whether it is font, appearence or features. Most of the tiles have been improved in appearence.
  7. Customization In Webby Tile: Webby tile links to some tech sites which were not customizable in previous version. Now by right clicking and clicking ‘Options’, you will get a window in which you can customize the tech sites.
  8. Shutdown Manager Tile: This tile gets a new look including fixes for some functions not working.
  9. Brand New Gradients: Gradients play a key role in how the tile appears. We have optimized almost all tiles for a great viewing pleasure.
  10. Fixed Desktop Tile: Users reported that desktop tile is not working in Windows 8. But we have fixed it to work in every OS. Now it should work for all.
  11. Improved Settings: Settings in this version has been tweaked to a great extent. Now you don’t need to use ‘Repair Pulmon’ option.
  12. Optimization for different DPIs: Till Pulmon 2.0, all the versions were not optimized for different DPIs. But Pulmon 2.1 brings a great optimization for different resolutions and different DPIs.
How to Use:
1.      Download and Run the application
2.      You will see two groups “Add Tiles” and “Remove Tiles
3.      Click a tile in Add Tiles group e.g Control Panel Tile
4.      It will load Control Panel tile and the icon of Control Panel will be disappeared from “Add Tiles” group and start appearing in “Remove Tiles” group
5.      Click the Control Panel tile in Remove Tiles group will remove it

Here are some base widgets:
  • User– Clicking “User” tile will open a User Widget. If you want to open User Accounts, double-click on the green place of tile or double-click on User Avatar. There are many tweaks available for user tile. Right click on the tile and click options. You can choose “Take User Avatar from Windows System” or choose custom avatar.
  • Control Panel– Clicking Control Panel tile will load control panel widget. You can open Control Panel by clicking on its tile. Its currently not more than a tile. It will get some features in next versions.
  • Clock– Pulmon will provide you a very cool widget “Clock”. It will show you time, month and day of the week. Some new tweaks will be provided to you in the next versions
  • Shutdown Manager– It’s a very easy to use widget which will allows you to control over you pc with one click. Shutdown,Restart and Log Off Options are given. 
  • Webby– Webby is another good widget which provides you quick access to tech sites like The Windows Club, IntoWindows,WinMatrix, AskVG etc..   
Note: Some antivirus programs are flagging Pulmon as a virus. But it is totally false positive. You can check out the results from VirusTotal using following link:

VirusTotal Report

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