[Review] Confuser Is The Best FREE Obfuscator For .NET

Yesterday, we discussed about Obfuscation and Obfuscators. We also told you that Confuser is the best FREE available Obfuscator. Today we are going to review Confuser. Confuser comes with some advanced functions too which are available in some paid programs. Please follow this step-by-step tutorial to know how you can Obfuscate a program easily using Confuser:
1. Download Confuser using link below and run it as Standard User.
NOTE: If you run Confuser as Administrator, you won’t be able to drag the assemblies. It is a known issue.
2. On the interface, you will need to drop the assemblies (EXE or DLL files). Drag and drop the EXE or DLL which you wanna obfuscate on the interface and then click the Options tab.
3. In the Options tab, you can change Output directory, select strong name key (if used), use packer to compress the output and add plugin like DLL files if required
4. Then comes two tabs: Basic Settings and Advanced Settings. We recommend you to use Advanced Settings if you want to customize the Obfuscation process

5. In advanced settings, select the project. In our test, it is Learning. Check “Override default settings” and “Apply To Members” as indicated in the image below and choose the ways in which you want to Obfuscate your program. You can read about various types of confusions like Anti Debug Confusion, Anti Tempering Confusion etc here in the Documentation.

6. When you’re done with all the customizations, click the Confuse! tab. It will take few seconds and output will be generated. That’s it!

If you’re having some problem, you may ask in comments. I will try to answer your queries within 12 hours 🙂

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