[Rumor] Google To Redesign Gmail On Wednesday

Google is reportedly redesigning Gmail and may unveil a new redesigned Gmail on Wednesday. The sources of this rumor are pretty solid. As the whole Gmail is being redesigned, Android and iOS apps for the same will also be effected. A screenshot provided by Android Police is given on the right side showing automatic categorization. There’s a new feature ‘SmartLabels’ spotted which automatically tags incoming mail with “Forums”, “Notifications”, “Promotions” and “Social Updates” labels.
The Android and iOS apps would show a menu which would help users finding the desired category. This menu would store all the categories and labels.
In the Android and iOS apps, swipe to archive would work undoubtly.

We just have to wait for Wednesday to see what’s the originality and which rumored features are genuine.

Thanks to Android Police for some contents

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