[Security] Tips To Avoid Getting Phished

If you have a good experience of computing world, you must have heard the terms like hacking, spamming, phishing etc. Today, we are going to share some important tips with our users which will help them avoid phishing. First of all, we explain Phishing. Phishing is a technique of extracting information like credit card numbers and username password combos etc.

1. Email Phishing

Mostly, Phishing is done by emails. You might have received emails like “You have won $10,000,000 from Coca-Cola, London. Click to grab your prize.”. If you click the link, the malware will be installed in the system itself. So avoid clicking this type of links.


(a) Look for spelling and grammer mistakes in the email. Phishers mostly make many mistakes in email. So if you see many mistakes in the mail, don’t click on any link inside the mail and mark the mail as Spam.

(b) If you receive a mail and you are not sure if its spam, hover over any link (and don’t click). If the link address relates with email type, proceed otherwise mark that as spam.

(c) Use you common-sense to find out about phished mail. If a mail comes saying that you must reply or must forward it or must click the link, don’t follow any of the instruction otherwise you will get phished.

(d) Check out the address from where it comes. For example, if you receive any mail about your SBI account, check the address after “@” in email address. It must match with the website address of SBI bank.

2. Voice Phishing

Many phishers/attackers call the victims and ask for their bank’s account information. They claim to be from trusted organisation. There is only one tip, never provide your account information to such callers. Most banks have changed the way of getting account information from calling to other.

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