Some useful CMD Commands for Windows 7 Users

CMD is the old GUI used in MS-DOS by Microsoft. It is without any graphics and images. People are rarely using it. But some like it for its ease of access. I want to tell you all about some useful commands of Command Prompt.

How to run Command Prompt (CMD):
  1. Open Start Menu
  2. Enter “CMD” in the search box
  3. Right click on searched “cmd.exe”
  4. Click “Run as Administrator”
and try the following commands.
Here are some very useful commands:
  • To get Windows Version details – winver
  • To explore HDD – explorer
  • To open Wordpad – write
  • To open Notepad – notepad
  • To open Task Manager – taskmgr
  • To open Control Panel – control
  • To launch Ease of Access – utilman
  • To launch XPS Viewer – xpsrchvw

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