Spy Mouse For Android By EA Sports

Spy Mouse is an attractive and beautiful game for Android. Although it costs but it is worth buying. In this, we have to save the mouse from the cats and taking the cheese.

Main Features:

  •  Sneak, scamper and snack your way through 70+ deviously challenging levels!
  •  6 unique worlds, full of adventure, each with their own diabolical hench-cat to outwit.
  •  Run circles around your feline foes using all manner of zany gadgets, gizmos and power-ups!
  •  Forever fun with achievements, secret levels and thrilling, action-packed updates!
The game costs $0.99 (INR 55 Approx.) which is cheap. It’s of 1.5 MB but after downloading it, you will need to download 125 MB+ for which a Wi-fi connection is recommended.

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