Startup Shutdown Tracer

We are pleased to released our new utility ‘Startup Shutdown Tracer’. This new utility will let you see what do Windows do when it shuts down or starts. For example, if you shuts down your windows, it will show a message ‘Shutting Down…’. But after using this, Windows will show messages like ‘Shutting down Windows Update Service…’, ‘Shutting down Group Policy Service…’ etc. It is a portable app, easy to use and lightweight.
How To Use:-
It’s very easy to use this utility. It has two buttons, ‘Display Information’ and ‘Disable Information’. Clicking first button will enable those messages while clicking second button will disable those messages.

It supports Windows 7 x32/x64 and Windows 8 Consumer Preview x32/x64. It should work in W8 Developer Preview but isn’t tested.

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