System Items Controller

Would you want to add items in Libraries, Desktop,  Desktop Context Menu, Control Panel and My Computer ? If yes then, System Items Controller helps you to add/remove System items like Windows Update, Computer Management, System, Autoplay, Recycle Bin, Control Panel etc. in all above mentioned categories. It allows you to add 150+ Items to add and 60 Items in My Computer.

Computer Customizer was the first version and it is the third version of Computer Customizer
  •          Windows 7/Vista
  •         32-bit and 64-bit both supported
  •          Integrate to Context Menu – It is able to add itself to Context Menu of Desktop. Then you just need to right click on desktop and Click “System Items Controller” to Start app. This option is given in the Settings tab
  •          Start with Windows – It is able to start when windows start. Just click “Start with Windows” in”Settings” Tab
  •          Items – It allows you to add 60+ Items in My Computer and 30+ Items in each Libraries, Desktop etc.
  •          Easier Use – The use of System Items Controller is to easy. You just need to select items which you want to use and click Save Changes to take effect. Click “Reset” to Use old items. Check “Select All” to select all items present in  the app.
  •          Tab Control – It uses Tab Control. Tab alignment in Computer Customizer was Top. But in System Items Controller, it is bottom. You can also set it to Top. Just go to settings tab and click  “Top Tab Alignment
  •         Future System – It have future system and tell you “what will next version contains ?
Screenshots :

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