Tile Locker For Windows 10/8.1

UPDATE: Tile Locker now supports Windows 10.

When we hear the name Windows 8, what comes on our mind is Start Screen and its Interactive Tiles. These live tiles are pretty much customizable. You can drag and drop these tiles to change the layout of start screen. You can uninstall any specific tile’s app. You can unpin, resize and tweak them with some other options. Do you want to restrict these customizations? Here’s a tool for you: Tile Locker.

Tile Locker is a free and portable tool which allows you to block the rearrangement of tiles and accessing the right-click options. After using this tool, you would be able to block users from unpinning a tile, uninstalling an app, resizing a tile etc. It can be proved very useful for a multi-user system where administrator can block the start screen layout and right click options.
You can download Tile Locker 2.0 from the following link:
How To Use:

1. Run the program as Administrator.
2. Click on Enable to apply the restriction. You will get a message dialog box. Click OK.
3. Now either log off/sign out you PC or restart explorer.exe (File Explorer).
4. That’s it! Now you will be seeing that drag-and-drop of tiles is disabled and you can’t access right click options of tiles.
If you want to disable this restriction, simply click Disable from the program’s interface.
Note: Please note that this program wants administrator rights. So you must run this application in Run as administrator mode in order to apply the restrictions otherwise you will be greeted with an error.

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