Tiny Acrobats And Retro Runners Are Must Have Games For Blackberry 10

Bored of Angry Birds series of games? Want more games for your smartphone? Here are two games you should play. Both games have different and interesting gameplay.

Tiny Acrobats is an adventurous game with a circus type gameplay. This is an endless game and you can run it until you get bored. There are currently 5 characters that can be unlocked. Each character has his own capabilities like +Jetpack, +Magnet etc. When you change the character, background of the game also changes. The graphics are just brilliant. The best thing about this game is this that it is completely FREE with no hidden costs.

Download Tiny Acrobats

Retro Runners is another game from the same developer of Tiny Acrobats. It also features great graphics but they are 8-bit as you can see in the following screenshots. The upgrades available in the game makes it very interesting like Ninja character to fly-kick opponents, Skeleton character which have infinite energy. You can run till Infinite and as you progress, there are several level ups which increase the difficulty level.

Download Retro Runners

The download links above are to Blackberry World. However the games are also available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone and can be downloaded from their respective stores.

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