[Tip] Always Access Charms Bar For More Options

Do you often download Windows Store apps? If yes, here’s a tip for you that you should access Charms Bar of each app. Charms bar can be accessed using Win + C key or take the mouse pointer to bottom-right side. It is shown in the figure on the right. Charms Bar may contain some valuable information. Settings section of the charm bar is most important. It may contain some settings, privacy policy, info about developer and some more important things. Search displays search results from the application. Some apps do not allow searching whereas the most do. Share option shows the option to share the info, pics or any data from inside of the app. For example, if you have opened any app in the store and you press Share from the charms bar, it will show you two options: People and Mail. Using People option, you can share the app to your social network. Mail option allows you to share the app to your email contacts. Settings section of some default Windows 8 apps is shown below:

In above images, you can see various options for the respective app.

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