Our Softwares

1. Ultimate Windows Tweaker: Ultimate tool to
tweak or change hidden Windows Settings. It consists of 200+ settings and comes
in size of less than 1 MB. Version 3 supports Windows 8. Version 4 supports
Windows 10. Featured in various International magazines.
2. FixWin: FixWin is an essential tool in case
of Windows causing problems. It is packed with 50 common fixes which allows you
to fix most Windows problems with one click. Version 2 supports Window 8.
Version 10 supports Windows 10. 
3. Web Pinner: Web Pinner is a freeware app
that can add website links to your Windows desktop’s right-click context menu,
quickly and easily. Support Windows 7 and higher.
4. Pulmon: Pulmon is an attempt to replace
desktop icons with some beautiful and useful tiles. There are many tiles to add
on desktop including Clock, Internet Explorer etc. Pulmon is inspired from
Modern UI of Windows 8/10.
5. Tile Locker: Prevent anyone from modifying
or removing tiles in Windows 8/10 with one click.
6. Desktop Icons Spacing Controller: Why have
same and boring space between desktop icons when you can change it? This tool
can change horizontal and vertical spacing between the icons. Featured In German Magazine PC-WELT.
7. Ultimate Taskbar Controller: Get more
control over Windows Taskbar. Customize various icons, thumbnail preview etc.
8. Logon Assistant: Modify various login screen
settings like
9. Disguise Folders: Want to hide any folder
from others? Disguise it. Use this simple tool and convert any folder into
system utilities like Recycle Bin, System Restore. When you want to access its
contents, simply undisguised it.